Classic Freight Systems is always searching for reliable and committed Owner Operators who wish to succeed as much as we do.

Each owner operator shall be covered by Classic Freight Systems Insurance plan. It is the choice of each owner operate to sign up for group benefits, life and disability insurance.

Workers Compensation Coverage
Classic Freight Systems is not required to pay Owner Operators WCB fees. It is the responsibility of each Owner Operator to purchase and maintain his/her own coverage. Before he/she transports any freight for Classic Freight Systems, each Owner Operator must provide evidence of such coverage.

Plates, Licensing and Permits
Your Plates, licensing and permits shall be paid by Classic Freight Systems. It is important that we receive all Workers Compensation Coverage information and any other documentation

Paint and Decals
Paint is provided for all Owner/Operators. All decals will be provided by Classic Freight Systems.

Satellites are provided at no cost to the Owner Operator. Satellites provide operational success and are a reliable communication system between our dispatch, drivers and customers.

Owner Operator tolls are 100% paid by Classic Freight Systems. All units are provided with transponders that cover bridge, border and toll crossings. Classic Freight shall reimburse Owner Operates for any tolls that are paid out of pocket.

Fuel purchased at authorized fuel stops designated by the company will be reimbursed by Classic Freight Systems in that particular pay cycle.

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